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Tempers, tantrums and the terrible twos

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Being a parent comes with daily ups and downs. For parents of toddlers, especially, it can seem like hard work. Nature One Dairy is an Australian owned-and-run formula company that understands those challenges all too well, and is here to offer support and guidance to everyday parents on how to best nourish your little ones to keep them healthy and happy.

Routine is crucial when it comes to supporting the body and brains of your toddler. By providing structure in their days, toddlers can feel secure and safe.


We all know that a solid foundation of bedtime and naps are vital to growth and parental sanity, but having a consistent diet regime is also a big factor in managing your toddler’s mood and energy.

As CEO of a family-run business and with a two-year-old of his own, Nature One Dairy’s Nick Dimopoulos practices what he preaches.


“Raising a toddler can be daunting at the best of times. There are so many decisions to be made every day to help support your little one’s growth. To make our customers (and my own) life easier, we’ve formulated our products to ensure they have all the crucial vitamins and minerals to keep your toddler active and alert”.

Whether you are at home or on the run, Nature One Dairy’s tinned formula and resealable pouches are an easy way to keep your routine going no matter what the day has in store for you and your toddler.
Growing your special relationship
“Beyond providing all the nutrition that your little one needs to thrive, feeding time is also an incredibly important time for parents and their toddlers to continue building their special bond together,” added Nick.
We all know that getting a toddler to sit down and eat a meal or drink their formula can be hard, so why not try and implement structured feeding times where you sit and join them at the table.


For parents, you might just have a cup of coffee or a drink of water, but by creating those habits with your little ones and really engaging with them as they feed you’ll continue encouraging communication, stability and continuing to grow your relationship with them.

Not only should we focus on the setting of our toddlers feeding time but also the ingredients that they are enjoying.  To keep your toddler fueled for the day ahead, some of the key ingredients in the nutritious milk drink are Omega 3&6, Selenium, Vitamin A, C and E.
“Omega 3 & 6 are the building blocks for both brain and eye development for toddlers. As your little one continues to grow and become more active, their brain and body require more energy and nutrition which our products can provide. Zinc and iron support your toddler’s natural disease defences, while vitamin D helps support calcium absorption and bone strength,” commented Nick.
Having constant access to nutritious and tasty drinks and foods that your toddler can rely on for both flavour and purpose is vital for a steady mood and growth.

“For my family, creating a supportive and stable schedule is how we keep a smile on our little one. A go-to soft toy and favourite song on hand also tends to help.”


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