As Natural As You Can Get


Nature One Dairy Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned company dedicated to producing only the highest quality powdered and liquid milk products. We produce a range of dairy products specifically designed for every age group ranging from infants to the elderly and everything in-between. Nature One Dairy products are available in Australia as well as international markets including China, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Our powdered milk products are manufactured in ISO 8 pharmaceutical grade facility in Carrum Downs, Victoria which has been specifically designed with infant formula in mind. NATURE ONE DAIRY® Infant Formula brands have all been formulated by qualified Food Science Technologists to mirror (as close as humanly possible) mother’s breast milk. Our Carrum Downs facility is certified by the Department of Agriculture to be an Export Registered Establishment (Establishment No. 1879) as having achieved standards in good hygienic practice, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), product integrity and importing country requirements. We are also a licensed facility by the Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV).

Our functional health and nutrition products include Ripple and WhiteH2O which are developed with med-science elements with the intention to address health conditions and health needs of different ages. The brand is committed to promote holistic healthy culture with its range of formula made from high quality ingredients. Ripple is currently available in Hong Kong and Singapore.

With both powder and liquid milk, our clients are provided with the option of purchasing either a branded product (sold under NATURE ONE DAIRY® brand name or other brands) or an “OEM” branded product where the product is manufactured to the clients’ specifications and packaged under the clients’ brand name.


Our Brands


Our Vision

To achieve our vision to be the natural choice in dairy food products globally, we continually strive to deliver the highest quality products that meet the demands and needs of our consumers.

At Nature One Dairy Pty Ltd, we understand the importance of high nutritional value in dairy products and this drives our commitment to develop a full range of dairy products for different groups of consumers. We hire the best people in the industry to ensure excellence in our processes.

Our Values

Our values guide us in our actions and how we behave towards our stakeholders.
We stand by our moral and ethical principles.


We deliver the best.


We work with the best people to realize shared goals