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Here’s why parents are using Nature One Dairy Organic Milk for their bubs

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Looking to supplement your growing toddler’s meals? Try out Nature One Dairy Organic Milk!


Raising toddlers, in all its awesomeness, can be tough if you’ve got a picky eater. If you’re worried about your bub not getting the nutrition they need, why not try a nutrient-packed formula? Here’s one toddler formula worth checking out: Nature One Dairy Organic Milk. Not only is it organic, it’s also affordable AND delish. Want to know more?


Here’s what we found out:

Fact 1: It’s Australian-made with organic grass-fed cow’s milk


It’s no secret that happy cows make yummy milk. The cows are living their best lives and are organic and grass-fed. This means that no nasties (hormones, pesticides or chemicals, ugh!) go in the grass or in the milk. And for us mums, it makes us feel a whooooole lot better!


Fact 2: Organic that does not come with the high price tag


Let’s face it, one of the toughest things about grocery shopping is sticking to a budget AND making sure you get the high-quality stuff. It’s not often you get to have both. Which is why we’re big fans of Nature One Dairy Organic Milk’s affordability factor – we’re able to be more sustainable, give bub the best, all while staying on top of our expenses. It’s a win-win for all!

Fact 3: Manufacturer with its own pharmaceutical-grade factory based in Victoria, Australia


When it comes to formula, us mums have high standards – especially when we’re talking quality. It helps that Nature One Dairy ensures that its products are of the highest quality through its stringent food safety standards. Since it has its own pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, it’s able to maintain these standards and manufacture the nutritionally optimal formula milk bubs love and mums trust.


Fact 4: Deliciously creamy taste that comes free of chemical traces


Got a picky eater who’s particularly finicky about milk? Little ones love the fresh, creamy taste of Nature One Dairy Organic Milk. The secret lies in the healthy, happy cows we talked about earlier!


Fact 5: High nutrient levels in every cup!


For us mums, it may feel like our babies have grown into toddlers in the blink of an eye. And before we can yell “stop!”, they’ve turned into rambunctious kids. Which is why it’s important our growing bubs get all the nutrition they need. Not only does Nature One Dairy Organic Milk have magnesium to help with the regulation of muscle and nerve functions, it also contains DHA and ARA fatty acids which are proven to support brain development and health!