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5 Nutrients That Your Toddler Needs In Their Diet

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Early childhood nutrition is vital for proper development, especially for toddlers between the ages of 1 to 3 years. Apart from portion sizes, it is important to also take note of the type of nutrients that your child should be consuming daily to help support healthy growth and development in their formative years.

Fortified Formula Milk Contains Most of These Nutrients

If your toddler isn’t getting the recommended intake of nutrients from table foods, formula milk is a nutritionally adequate complementary food as it has been fortified with these 5 nutrients to support healthy growth and brain development.

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DHA and ARA: For brain development

Fatty acids are essentials for brain and eye development. Main source obtained from breast milk or supplemented formula milk.

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Lutein: For strong vision and boosting memory
Promote strong vision and healthy neurodevelopment in toddlers.

Protects the eyes with its blue light filtering property.

Supports the brain development for learning and memory.

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Choline: For brain development
Essential nutrient vital for healthy brain development.

Similar properties to Vitamin B

Vital nutrient for developing a toddler’s spinal cord to reduce the risk of neural tube defects.

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Prebiotic GOS: For stronger gut health
Especially beneficial to the digestive system.

Stimulates good bacteria in the colon to improve digestion and mineral absorption

Boost immune system.

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Probiotics: For healthy digestion
Reduces the chances of diarrhoea

Beneficial in preventing eczema and alleviating lactose intolerance

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